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Meconopm.}                      FLORA INDICA.                                  251

basi nigris. Sepata late ovato-oblonga, sparse setosa, F^lamenta subulata. ^f___
$ poll longa, breve stipitata, obscure v. manifesto 4-5-gona, pnecipue ad augulos his-
pida, stigmatis parvi radiis crassis.
A very remarkable little species, well characterized by the short horn or spur to-
wards the apex of the sepals, and by the fruit.*
P. orientate, L. (Wall. Cat. 8119!), P. RAceas, L. (Wall. Cat. 8120 ?), and P. 4r~
ffemone, L.,-are all common garden plants in India, and hence vccur in various collec-
Sepda 2-3. Petala 4-8. Stamina perplurima. Stigmata 4-7, sub-
sessilia v. breve stipitata, radiata, libera. Capsula obovata, apice val-
vulis inter placentas parietales dehiscens. Semina. scrobiculata, raphe
nuda.—Herbse ramosa, aculeate, glaitcescentes, omnes Americana, succo
Jlavo, foliis inciso-pinnatifidis dentibus spinuloais, alabastris erectis. ^
Au American genus, of which one species is naturalized all over India, and in
many other parts of the world, abounding on roadsides and in waste places, but never
seen far from habitations. The seeds partake of the acrid properties of the plant, and
,are employed in America, a& a substitute for Ipecacuanha, and as a purgative. The
llowers, which are always yellow in India, are sometimes white in other countries.
1. A. Mexicana (L. Sp. PL 727); foliis sessilibus semiamplexi-
caulibus sinuato-pinnatifidis albo variegatis, capsula setosa,—DC. Syst.
il 85, Prod. I ISO; Torr. et Gray, II N. Am. i. 61; WigU et Am.
Prod. i. 18; Roxb. II. Ind. ii. 571; WigU, III. 1.11; Wall. Cat. 8126!
HAB. Per totani Indiam calidam. in ruderatis vjulgatissima, sed eerte
introducta.—(FL Peb. Mar.) (t?.v.)
tterba, stiffraiicosa, 3-4-pedalis. Caules divaricatim ramosi, ter^te», fisttilosiv.
intus spongiosi. Folia 3-7 unc. longa, secus nervos primaries albo-variegata. Sepata
apice cornuta. Flares 1-3 unc, iametro, aurei. Capsula oblonga v. elliptico-ob^
longa, |-l£ poll, longa, lores, setosa v. rarius inermis, Semina brannea, turgida,
multicostata^ profunde caucellata,
Sepala 2. Petala 4 (rarius plura). Stamina perplurima. Stylus
distinctus, ssepius tortus, stigmatibus 4-8 radiautibus cum placentis
alternantibus coronata. Captula obovata v. elliptica, interdum linearis,
cylindracea, apice valvis brevrbns dehisoeiis; placentis plus minus ver-
sus axiu capsules productis, Semina raphe tumida cristata,—Herbae
perennantes, smplices v, rarius ramosat interdum acaufa et soapigera,
tucco flavo, foliis radicalibus v. radicalibus. et caulinu integm kbatia
pinnatifidiwe, alabastris nutantibus> floribus amplist capsulia erectis.
A small genus, the Himalayan species of which are all confined to the upper tern*
perate zone, some ascending almost to the limits of ph&nogamic vegetation. The
sepals, which Are described as valvate by Endlicher, are decidedly imbricated in fhe*.
Himalayan species. Stylopkorum hardly appears to be different geneiaaslly, «rc^pt
' in the valves of the capsule being dehiscent to the base; for the style ia present ux
all the species of Meconopris, and varies extremely in length, and in ainouut of tor-
sion, The only other character attributed to Styloptontm, \* the crested seed*, but
this also is a variable character, the raphe in all.being accompanied with a more or